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Help support the Paul Henry-Thornapple Trail by visiting the Thornapple Trail Association CafePress store or making a donation via PayPal. Thank-you to everyone who has already supported the development of the Paul Henry-Thornapple Trail.

Growing Thornapple Trail Patron Awards

Trail Champion – $1,000 +
Middleville Taxpayers
Bradford White Corporation
Community West Credit Union
Don and Cathy Williamson Family
Kara Beth Henry
McKeown and Kraai PLC
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Michigan State Housing Development Authority
Middleville Rotary Club
Paul B Henry Foundation
Rand and Cindy Winters
Robert and Georgette Schirmer
Ron and Gwen Shavalier
Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital
Thornapple Trail Association
W K Kellogg Foundation
And Many More Trail Enthusiasts

Trail Blazer – $500 – $999
Amber and Brian McKeown
Bob & Carol Bender
Geoffrey and Florence Goodyear
Michael and Patricia Johns Gormley
Thomas and Margaret Ackerman

Trail Builder – $100 – $499
Hastings Holiday Inn
Russell and Janet  Aubil
James and Jennifer  Sprague
Mark and Julie Schmidtke
UAW Local 1002
Andrew and Michelle Fabiano
Hal and Ruth Wattles
Jeffry and Jane McGookey
Richard and Jean Stager
Michael and Beverly O Donnell
Southside Pediatrics
Ruthann Hula
James and Mary French
Middleville AFC Home
Denny & Terrie Parker
Paul and Lora Ballinger
Ronald and Gloria Landman
Phillip and Betty Van Noord
W MI Trails & Greenways Coalition
Mike and Renee Cnossen
Leona P UnFried
Richard and Sue L Johnston
Gary and Lois Van Duine
William and Terrie Gregor
Judith Posthumus
Lory A. Biermacher
Thermo Forms
Jack Wykoff
Myron B. (Mick) Hawkins
Scott Schumaker
Kenneth and Gail Rinvelt
John and Marleon Tencate
Kenneth and Sharon Schondelmayer
Calvin and Jean Lamoreaux
Dr. Eldon Newmyer
Sandra Wake
Michal Enders
Audrey VanStrien
Dave Brondsema
Marjory L. Richards
Charles and Phyllis Schadler

Brush Cutter – $50 – $99
Cathe Delaney
Alex Decess
Shirley Roundtree
George and Cynthia Crawford
Design Wear
Mark D and Diane A Sevald
Douglas and Mary Case
Cheryl Bremer
John Magness
Richard J Choryan O.D.
Mike Litteral

Trail Trekker – $10 – $49
Barbara J Gamache
Cynthia J Dill
Dr. Delmar  Bachert
John and Wendy Osterbaan
Lawrence M. and Mary E Austin
Jason Deible
Michael and Charlotte Anton
John D Magness
Michael and Frances Jones
William and Marcia Gzym
T. A. Purdum
Larry Pio
Blair Miller
Bruce and Joan Barrett
Jack and Margie Slocum
Cindy Kaczmarczyk
Mahala Clayton
Timothy Van Noord
Casey Aubil